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  • The New Very Old, Vintage Wool Packs


    I will be using some of my very old and beautiful vintage wool

    blankets to age dye wool packs for a few weeks.

    I dye wool as I cook.

    I put it on the stove and forget it but it seems to work.

    We are now moved but more needs doing and while we are doing,

    I will be dyeing wool packs for you.

    Blankets are torn in sizes to use all of the blanket so each pack will

    be different in both sizes and amounts.

    These are my best blankets and I am leaving the age such as

    holes, mends, labels, bindings etc.

    My first pack is in very similar shades to my last kit

    David's Star Penny Rug

    Once one set of packs are sold I cannot reproduce again as

    those blankets are gone and a new pack will take its place

    Quantities are only what I have listed.

    Sizes vary within each kit but if there are smaller pieces I, of course

    will make sure to add a bit more.

    This is a beautiful pack for wool applique to have the old, primitive look.

    I have tried to show actual colours as true as possible but if you

    know my wool, I promise you will not be disappointed with these packs.

    Packs will be added as I have them dyed and ready to ship.

    No back orders, these will ship within a few days of your purchase.

    A few ideas for upcoming packs

    Christmas drab shades

    A Family Sampler pack (for Colleen's new 'Cee' Pattern

    and more...

    I hope you enjoy!



    New Wool Packs

    Falling Leaves

    Pesky Plaids are listed.

    I will be adding more wool packs this week.

    Darker shades of the same wool as my

    Falling Leaves Pack

    More Pesky Plaids and a new Textured Wool Pack.


    Please check back often for new listings



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