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  • The Purge Begins!

    Over the summer( now fall) I will be in 'purge mode'

    as I continue to downsize my collections of wool and antique linens

    Lots of freebies for our group and lots of downright 'cheapies'!


    I wish I could say I've have a wonderful summer and a nice,

    long rest however, my summer was endless days of  ill.

    I have been very ill, probably caused from detoxing due

    to the last tick bite and course of antibiotics.

    I will talk more about my summer from hell on

     the live videos on our group

    The Ladies and Gents of the Wool Circle Club


    Luke has been busy while I have been sick and has cut 

    pennies, pennies and more pennies.

    I tried to do a tally and rough estimate .... there are now 

    15 to 20 thousand of various sizes and shades of age dyed 

    vintage wool pennies in my

    sewing room ready to go for kits and bundles.

    6 large garbage bags of scraps are next to cut and dye on his

    'Honey Do List'

    He has also 'apprenticed' as wool dyer, cleaning and filling

    the pots, washing and drying the dyed wool.

    The first of the 'lukepennypurge' items are now listed.

    I have not added a shipping date as life is day to day,

    however these are all dyed cut and ready to ship so

    hoping it will be my usual 2 to 3 weeks.


    Thank you so much my friends for your patience and kindness

    as I go through this healing journey.


    Happy  Stitching my friends both old, new and yet to meet!!








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