Early Style Penny Rugs

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  • The Vintage Wool Tongue Wool Packs/Threads

    The old Favourites seem always to come back.

    I have kitted both the Plaid and the Marriage Rugs

    several times since there beginnings.

    They seem to be everyone's favourites

    and very easy to stitch.

    I could ramble on and on but most of

    the information on both are in

    my 'how to' videos



    search on youtube

    cee rafuse marriage rug


    The wool for both packs are from vintage blankets

    The pattern for both designs are available

    from Colleen on Etsy


    Penny Rugs and More aka Ragamuffin Collectibles


    Happy Holidays



    Please check back often for new listings



    Out of Stock
    The Wanda Vintage Wool Penny Rug Kit
    Out of Stock
    500 Plus Age Dyed Vintage Wool Cut Penny Pack
    The Diamond Teaching Rug Kit
    Out of Stock
    Plaid Tongue/Plaid'n Lace Vintage Plaid Wool Pack
    Out of Stock
    The Marriage Rug Vintage Wool Pack/String
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